Bless Online Steam Early Access Will Be In May as Buy-to-play! What Price?

Play Bless Online

Bless Online is finally on our doorstep! Neowiz has officially announced that Bless Online will be releasing their Early Access on Steam in May 2018. What first came as a website re-launch is now a full blown Bless Online hype train. Below are all of the important details that Neowiz has released regarding the upcoming release so far. No idea what Bless Online is about? Watch our review of its gameplay and features here.

Chosen Business Model

On top of the release date, Neowiz has announced that Bless Online will be buy-to-play. This means you buy it once and it’s yours forever. As for the price, nothing has been mentioned yet, but I’m sure this will be revealed before the Early Access is live.

In-game Cash Shop

On top of being buy-to-play, the game will have a cash shop that will “offer cosmetic equipment, skins, awesome mounts and pets, and consumables that give services and boosts, etc.” They ensure that no items will offer special bonuses that would lead to a pay-to-win system. Neowiz has had a good track-record with creating cash shop micro-transaction systems with little-to no pay-to-win elements as they did with previous Asian versions of Bless Online, so it isn’t a long-shot for them to do so again with this Steam version.

Founder’s Packs

Yep, as tradition with nearly every early access Steam game, there will be Founder’s Packs. The packs Bless Online plans to offer will have exclusive gifts and most importantly, Founders Packs will allow advanced access BEFORE the official early access begins.

“May will be a big month for Bless Online, as you will be able to purchase founder’s packs and start playing Bless Online!
– Bless Online

How can I play it?

If you plan on playing Bless Online’s early access as soon it is available, follow the game on Steam. Just make sure your rig can handle it by checking the system requirements here. Bless is a graphically pleasing game which often times for MMORPGs, comes at a cost.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in playing Bless Online now, there are two versions up and running; the Korean version and the Japanese version. To play Bless Online’s Korean version, check out our download guide.

Having played every version of Bless (KR, RU, JP), I know quite a lot about this game’s ins and outs. I will certainly follow and cover it throughout its release and provide awesome guides and a review of the early access for our Guides and Reviews sections. Look forward to them as we get closer to a playable version of Bless Online.


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