Bless Unleashed Open Beta Launches On Xbox One In November With Slightly Improved Combat


Bless Unleashed, the console MMORPG based on the same lore and world as was in the recently shut down Bless Online, is nearly ready  to launch. Publisher Bandai Namco announced that Bless Unleashed will launch on the Xbox One on November 7th. The open beta will run for two weeks through November 21st.

Jason Park, Head of Development at Neowiz’s Round 8 Studio writes in a development letter that “the community was very vocal about its feelings toward the combat system in Bless Unleashed and overall game pacing” and that exciting changes have been made to improve the game for the players.


A majority of players felt that the combat in Bless Unleashed’s closed beta test was too slow and it was difficult to complete full combo chains. As a result of this, we’ve made some significant changes to combat in Bless Unleashed.

  • In-combat movement speed has been increased.
  • Evade/Dodge distance and speed have both been increased.
  • Normal NPC attacks no longer interrupt combo chains.
  • Reduced time players spend locked in attack animations.
  • The next attack in a combo chain will now be queued up when pressed and provide the player with a visual indicator that the attack has been queued up successfully.
  • Changed and improved several Blessing Skills.
  • Sprinting out of combat will no longer put the player in combat.
  • Sprint stamina cost has been reduced to allow players to sprint longer.

For more details, visit the official Letter from the Head of Development of Bless Unleashed.

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4 years ago

Xbox only no thank you..