CCP Games Will Launch A Korean Version Of Space MMO EVE Online – Release Date Is Aimed To Be In Q4 2019


In the fall of 2018, Pearl Abyss, makers of Black Desert games acquired CCP Games, the Icelandic developing company behind the space-based sandbox MMORPG EVE Online. Now it has been officially announced that a Korean-localized version of EVE Online will launch in Q4 2019 (fourth quarter)! Players from the Republic of Korea will be joining the global EVE Online community. More information will be sent out as we get closer to a release date.

With the acquisition of CCP Games, the launch of Black Desert on Xbox One for North America and Europe, and the planned global release of Black Desert Mobile in the first half 2019, Pearl Abyss’ global reach is growing steadily.

“We’re super happy to let our pilots know that our Russian, German and French communities will soon be joined by pilots from the Republic of Korea, after the annoucement of Korean localization by CCP Hellmar during a media conference in Seoul.”

Watch the new EVE Online tutorial videos below check out the game’s basics.

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