Champions Online Will End Monthly Subscriptions On June 7th


Perfect World has announced that starting on June 7th, the monthly premium subscription option for the superhero-themed MMORPG Champions Online will no longer be supported. Players will be able to purchase a new Premium Pack that provides character slots, costume sets, travel powers and titles in its stead. The pack is purchasable to anyone who has never been a Gold Subscriber, or purchased it before on June 7th in the C-store for 1500 zen.

The Lifetime Subscription will remain available and unchanged. For more information about this transition, check out the FAQ on the official Champions Online site.

“When you purchase the Premium Pack, the following items will become available to you.

  • 2 Gold Costume Tokens for One Character on Your Account
  • Access to Several Services:
    • Adds 6 Character Slots on Your Account
    • Adds 1 Costume Slot on Your Account
    • Adds 40 Auction Slots on Your Account
    • Adds 3 Inventory Bag Slots on Your Account
    • A Resource Limit of 200,000 G
    • The Ability to Change the Colors of your Powers
      • Emanation points and pet selections on powers that support those features will also be included in this pack
    • One Free Retcon at Level 40
  • You’ll unlock the following Costume Sets on your Account:
    • Demon Knight
    • High Plains Drifter
    • Legacy Power Armor
    • Martial Arts Master
    • Ninja Warrior
    • Pharaonic Master
    • Sakura Mech Armor
    • Shining Knight
    • Soldier of Fortune
    • Spartan Armor
    • Variety Pack
    • Viking Warrior
    • Wired Cyborg
  • You’ll unlock access to the following Travel Powers on your Account:
    • Earth Flight
    • Fire Flight
    • Hover Disk
    • Ice Slide
    • Jet Boots
    • Rocket Jump
    • Swinging
    • Tunneling
  • And you’ll get access to two Titles:
    • Icon
    • Exceptional”

Source: Champions Online Site

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