Check Out The Combat Of Black Desert’s Guardian Class


Pearl Abyss has released a new trailer for Black Desert showcasing the combat style of the upcoming Guardian class. The video was posted on Black Desert’s Korean YouTube channel. The Guardian is seen using several AoE attacks, grabs, and a teleport skill as a gap closer.

This class is set to launch on January 22nd in the west. The Guardian will first release without awakening and will wield a sword and a shield. The video below shows the combat for the awakened version of the Guardian with her large axe!

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Arnold Kimback
Arnold Kimback
4 years ago

I swear BDO is such a great game but if only they stop adding more and more p2w to it – player base would skyrocket. t3-t4 pets, p2w tent, maids and other “small” stuff aside (mind you, that will cost you around 300-600$ depending on your luck or even more) players who mass Crone PENs and are full PEN c9+ are out of reach for anyone who is going to start now for a good few YEARS. And to p2w your way into that gear will cost you thousands of $. I’m huge VR fan and played BDO for a really long time with a friend that I’ve met in our VR center (We’re both from Melbourne) but in the end, I decided to go back to fun and casual VR titles because BDO is just a waste of… Read more »