Chonicles of Elyria Shows Off Current Character Creation System


Soulbound Studios has just revealed and shared the first iteration of the character creation process in the currently in-development indie MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria. They’ve showed an in-depth look at different parts of the character creator and explained many important and unique features that the game offers, like the effects of a character’s birth date.

There’s definitely a lot that other developers can learn from Soulbound Studio’s take of varying character races and uniqueness of the character creation process. Watch the Twitch stream below to see all the varieties of their character creator for yourself.

We just wanted there to be a lot of variety in the world because you are not just a toon or an avatar in Elyria, you are creating a character, a citizen of the world that lives there whether you’re online or offline..
– Vye Alexander, Lead Producer for Chronicles of Elyria


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