Closers NA & EU Servers Will Merge Into One Server


En Masse Entertainment has announced that the North American and European servers of Closers will be merging into one new world server. The merge is set to happen on January 29th 4Pm Pacific and will come with a ten hour downtime.

Answers regarding what is happening to players’ characters, crews, inventory, and more can be found in the FAQ.

Q: What can I do to prepare?

You are not required to do anything, but here are some recommendations for a safe and easy merge:

  • Delete any characters you don’t need. Purchased character slots will be transferred, but only up to the maximum of 20. If you have more than 20 character slots across both servers, only 20 will be transferred.
  • If you do choose to delete characters before the merge, move non-bound items and credits to your account storage before you delete them.
  • Start planning backup character names. While we’d like to promise you’ll keep your character’s name, if there’s a conflict you may need to change it.
  • Log in with all characters on your account. Any character who hasn’t logged in within six months will be renamed to avoid naming conflicts.
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