Closers Task Force Veteranus Update Adds New Character Upgrade “Veteranus: J”


En Masse Entertainment has launched a new major content update to the side-scrolling anime MMORPG Closers called the ‘Veteranus Task Force’ update. The update brings a new character upgrade to the character ‘J’ called ‘Veteranus: J’. Players can promote ‘J’ to Task Force Veteranus, to reach a new level of power.

Task Force Celebration—

We’re launching a variety of events to boost your J to Veteranus as quickly as possible. These events run until the scheduled downtime on Monday, March 25.

  • J Level Rewards: Once per account, you’ll get special level rewards for leveling your J.

En Masse has launched a variety of events to help players promote their characters. Special rewards will be given for running dungeons and logging in. For more information, visit the official Closers site.

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