Crowfall 5.5 Sparks Player Driven Economy With Vendor Stalls, Female Centaur & New Map Added


ArtCraft is showing off lots of new exciting features and content for Crowfall focused on exploring the newly finished map, Wrath. Wrath’s landscape is diverse and is the first map to feature new PvE areas called “Adventure Zones” like the Spider Canyon where players can hunt giant spiders and face a world boss for valuable loot.

A new system for player death and recovery was put in place. If a vessel’s health reaches zero, it is knocked unconscious. Players can be resurrected by a Cleric, Druid or Templar or be finished off with a killing blow.

The vendor system has been activated allowing stalls and vendors to be placed onto buildings within a player’s Eternal Kingdom. Vendor stalls allow visitors of your kingdom to purchase your obtained goods. Vendors keep all the earned revenue until a player manually retrieves it.

High elves can now join player parties to offer assistance as knights, confessors or assassins. The female variant of the centaur has been unlocked, skill animations have been improved for multiple weapon types, performance has improved and more changes are highlighted in the video below.

 Source: Crowfall News

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