Crowfall Highlights Monster Races For October Pre-Halloween, Beginning With Centaurs & Elken


To celebrate the month-long march to Halloween, ArtCraft Entertainment is releasing previews of the monster races and creatures that exist in Crowfall. Not just the beasts that players will encounter in the wild, but also playable Monster Races that includes the gun-wielding Guineceans, the noble Centaurs, the gracious Elken folks and the hulking minotaurs.


From the beginning, Centaurs have been conquerors, sovereign rulers of each world they overtook. Their creation legend — which tells the story of how Valkyn bestowed upon their Race the best of all the attributes — informs their proud nature. Believed to be created as the finest of the Races, it then follows that it is their duty to rule the others. Their history of expansion might have seen them as rulers of all the known worlds had the Hunger not corrupted and consumed their home world. They are shrewd diplomats, powerful warriors, and respected philosophers.


The Elken are a mysterious Race, known far and wide as great trackers and hunters. Silent, they communicate mainly through hand gestures. Though not directly descended from the god D’Orion, he was the first of their kind. The curse that gave D’Orion his form still hangs in the deep parts of the forest. Hunters who venture too far, and hunt too long, return from the wood in monstrous Elken bodies with no memory of who they were before.

For more details on the two races above, visit the official Crowfall site.

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