E3 Reveal: Dauntless The Coming Storm Content Pack Will Arrive In August – 1.0 Release At The End Of 2018


Developer Phoenix Labs has announced that the first major content pack of the multiplayer action RPG Dauntless will arrive in August 2018. The content pack is called The Coming Storm which will include a new weapon, new challenges and a new area called Ostia. Dauntless states that players will be able to “play it free”.

Phoenix Labs’ CEO and Co-founder Jesse Houston and Director of Marketing Nick Clifford also revealed new information about upcoming content for Dauntless in an E3 2018 interview. Jesse states that in about eight weeks, a new behemoth and the sixth weapon type will make their way into the game. The next weapon will be a completely range weapon.

On top of this, he states that every eight to ten weeks, a new kind of content expansion can be expected. The 1.0 release is planned to come towards the end of the year.

Source: E3 2018 & Dauntless Twitter

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