Dauntless Will Launch Open Beta On May 24 With 700,000+ Already Pre-registered


Phoenix Labs announced that Dauntless, the upcoming multiplayer co-op monster hunting game will head into open beta on May 24th of this year. The Vancouver based indie developer has got their hands full at the moment showcasing Dauntless to gamers in Boston for PAX East 2018.

The studio states that over 100,000 players have already participated in the game’s closed beta and an additional 700,000 players are pre-registered in preparation for the open beta. The game’s open beta was previously expected to come in the later part of 2017, so it’s had time to build up a nice list of players excited to slice tails off of giant lizard beasts.


The open beta will allow all players to test the game for free and will include regular content updates all the way up to end-game. Founds packs are being sold until May 23 on the official Dauntless site. An in-game cosmetic store will be put in place during the open beta. Fear not, Phoenix Labs promises that only cosmetics and vanity items will be sold in it.

Dauntless draws inspiration from the widely popular Monster Hunter game series by Capcom. Players fight massive Behemoths to collect drops for crafting and upgrading their weapons and armors. They can join with others to form small parties and take down monsters located in floating islands to complete hunting missions.

YouTuber Fevir made a fantastic video covering the combat you can expect to see in Dauntless as well as other game basics. Check it out to learn about what this game has to offer.

 Source: Official Announcement

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6 years ago

While I’m not excited, I’ll give it a shot. Hoping these low expectations lead to a fun few days.