Dauntless Will Release Seeking The Horizon Update On May 2 In Preparation For Open Beta


A little less than one month from now on May 24, the upcoming multiplayer co-op monster hunting game Dauntless will finally head into open beta. To get ready for that and bolster up the amount of content that a large initial burst of players will be basing their judgement on, Pheonix Labs will be releasing the ‘Seeking the Horizon’ update on May 2. The update will come with several new features such as the redefined progression system, a reputation system and more.

The new feature that stands out above many is the addition of ‘hunt’ choices. When it comes to hunting behemoths players will be able to choose between the challenges of a ‘Patrol,’ ‘Expedition’ or ‘Pursuit’.

Embarking on a “patrol” gives Slayers the option to pick the zone they’ll hunt in, but not the specific Behemoth or island. You’ll also receive bonus archonite for your contributions. The new “expedition” option allows Slayers to specify the island they’ll hunt on, but not the Behemoth – perfect for rounding up gatherables. You’ll also bring back an additional bundle of gatherables from the island you hunt on. Players looking to choose the Behemoth they’ll hunt can do so by embarking on a “pursuit”.


The team emphasized their desire to create a fun Evergame or endgame for Dauntless which the ‘Seeking the Horizon’ update aims to achieve. Players will be able to earn reputation or favor with NPC characters by following the path of the Slayer, Alchemist or Weaponmaster. This is done by finishing weekly and daily quests. Additionally, to bolster the end-game, the update will introduce new armor set bonuses, new gear keywords and the ability re-socket cells in hopes that players will be pleased with more gear diversity.


As a result of these major changes, the update will come with a full reset of all player accounts on May 2. Another reset will occur on May 22 before the open beta on May 24. You can read more about the upcoming ‘Seeking the Horizon’ update in detail on the official Dauntless site.

Source: Seeking the Horizon

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6 years ago

Which server region will it be available?