Defiance 2050 Shows Off Large Kill Count & Player Numbers From Closed Beta


The first closed beta of Defiance 2050 is over and Trion Worlds, the game’s developer and publisher has posted a statistical “Fun Facts” list to show us what the closed beta testers managed to achieve. While they boast a whopping 3.45 million dead Hellbugs killed so far, they also reassure that they are fixing bugs and improving server stability for the upcoming launch this summer. As the launch approaches, Trion Worlds states that they will share information in regards to new class abilities, graphic updates, itemization updates and more. There is still no announcement for the next beta event and the launch date.

Closed Beta Fun Facts:

3,451,479 Hellbugs Killed (those Hellbugs didn’t stand a chance)
4,769,146 Mutants Killed
213,519 Total Levels Gained
68,305 Completions of the Chaos Reigns Mission
420 Ark Hunters Reached Max Level 25 in Beta (420 top Beta Blazers, who’d have guessed)
37 Hours was the Longest Session Playtime from a Player
8,206,389 Minutes of Beta Played (that’s over 136,000 hours of gameplay)

Source: Trion Worlds Site

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6 years ago

I was so disappointed when I realized it’s revamp of the old DEFIANCE