Developer All-M Adds A New Class & New Guild Sieges To Korean Server Of Kritika


Korean game developers All-M sent word that a new class has been added to the Korean version of the action-combat brawler MMORPG Kritika. The new class is the Female Warrior who wields an elegant longsword. Check her out in the preview video below.

A new guild siege system has also been added with 31 siege zones that become available at different times and days. You can read the full patch notes of the Female Warrior update on the official Kritika site.

If you didn’t already know, Kritika was relaunched in the west by developer All-M last November on the Steam platform. “Kritika: Reboot” does not have the Female Warrior update yet. So far, the game has held a ‘Mostly Positive’ review ranking on Steam since it launched on last month. This new reboot differs from the En-Masse Entertainment version in significant ways because of the removal of the play-time limiter aka. Stamina System. More items were also made avaialble without the need to purchase them from the game’s in-game cash shop. You can check out Kritika: Reboot on the official Steam page.

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