Dragon Raja Is The Open-world Sandbox Mobile MMORPG Project: SU Made With Unreal Engine 4


Epic Games and Loong Entertainment have revealed new details about their new sandbox open-world mobile MMORPG titled Dragon Raja. The game was initially called Project:SU when it was revealed at GDC 2019. Dragon Raja will give a multiplayer experience with a world adapted from the popular Korean fantasy novel of the same name about a never-ending war between Dragons, humans and half-bloods.

Players of Dragon Raja will experience a growing and living sandbox game world in real-time with inverse dynamics and physics. PvP battles will support up to 100 players in one match.

Dragon Raja is developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and aims to create one of the most pleasing graphical MMO experience for players. Loong Entertainment CEO and Chairman, Li Qing says that the game will have a “combination of full day, weather and seasonal cycles, plus rich animation and cinematics blended with lots of minute details”.

Chinese gameplay

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