Echo of Soul Will Close Classic Servers On May 23 & Offers Welcome Packages


Aeria Games currently offers two versions of the anime-styled MMORPG Echo of Soul; a Classic version and a Phoenix version. Echo of Soul Phoenix offers new maps, events and a more update game while the other offers a more old-school experience. On May 23, 2018, all Classic servers for NA and EU will close their doors forever due to technical issues regarding support availability.

The EOS Team invites all Classic players to join the Phoenix servers with an incentive in the form of a welcome package. Start your journey in Echo of Soul Phenix with a Premium blessing, a new pet, a new mount and bags.


“The 30 Day Premium Blessing grants you + 3% attack, + 3% defense, and an 8% increase in movement speed for your adventure. In addition, a bonus of 20% experience, as well as another bonus to obtain Honor Badges from the battlefield by 20%! But that’s not all, because 10 additional slots for the Auction House will also be credited to you on use and the commission to be paid is reduced by a full 50%!

A unique Bronze Griffin, a mystical hybrid creature with lion-like body, the head of a bird of prey, a mighty beak, and a set of magnificent wings. These beings embody alertness and strength and are perfectly suited to carry their Soulkeeper through the vast expanses of different lands.

In addition a red panda, a small but very lovable companion, will accompany you on your journey gathering items from the monsters you slay along the way.

Last but not least, two bags with 16 slots each! That’s more space than any furniture shelf, from well-known homeowners, we think.”

Source: Echo of Soul Site

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