Elsword Adds Two New Dungeons & Reboots Four More Characters


KoG Games has announced that more characters are being rebooted for the free-to-play side-scroll brawler MMORPG Elsword. The character Aisha, Add, Raven and Laby are being reworked and adjusted. Massive changes are coming to the reboot characters. This means reset for skill slots, skill traits, commands, and stats. A list of changes is given in detail on the official Elsword site.

Two new dungeons, Demon Realm of Rogimor: Sea of Ruin and Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel will be added with this update. The dungeons are intended for experienced players and offer new sets of powerful gear and ingredients for crafted items. Check out this page for details on these dungeons.

The new region of the demon realm opens!
Find out what adventures and encounters await our heroes as they continue their journey!

Clear [Dungeon] Entering Rigomor (Clear Shadow Vein) quest to enter the new region.

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