TERA Moves To En Masse Launcher & Twitch Prime Loot Package #3 Is Now Available


En Masse Entertainment and Amazon’s Twitch’s latest promotion package of in-game perks is now redeemable to Twitch Prime members of TERA. The promotion is available on both console and PC versions of the game. This is the third pack in En Masse’s four-month long promotion campaign with Twitch Prime. Visit the Twitch Prime loot page for more details.

  • Twitch-exclusive Ultra-Violent Dragon Wings
  • Twitch-exclusive Violette mini-dragon pet
  • Seven days of elite status for TERA
  • Strongbox Key ×10

En Masse also moved TERA to the En Masse Launcher on May 23rd in an effort to commit more resources to solving problems by allowing a faster and more simplified patch process, a cleaner interface, access to social channels, and fewer restarts during updates.

Historically, En Masse focused on solving problems or adding features for one game at a time, resulting in work that benefited the game in question but offered less value to our player community. The En Masse Launcher, and other upcoming changes, are part of a company-wide effort aimed at changing that philosophy.

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