Ereshkigal’s Wrath Content Update Is Coming To Aion On March 27th


Aion‘s next major content update is on its way and it’s called ‘Ereshkigal’s Wrath’! “New instances, new Daevanion skills, new transformations, GP competitive seasons, and much more” will be added to the game on March 27th. More information will be revealed soon on the official Aion site. In the mean time, you can watch the Ereshkigal’s Wrath cinematic teaser trailer below.

Prepare for the final encounter with the “Queen of Ice”, Ereshkigal. Within the depths of Lakrum Forest, you will need to discover Veilenthrone, an ancient temple where Ereshkigal is attempting to enhance her overwhelming power with Aion’s Sacred Relic. Will you be able to stop her in time?

Daevas, you’ve witnessed the havoc Ereshkigal has unleashed onto the world. From near complete ruin, we have rebuilt our homes and our strength. Another Jotun relic of the past has surfaced, and we must prevent Ereshkigal from getting her hands on it by any means necessary. We will prevail!

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