EVE: Echoes Mobile Sandbox MMORPG By CCP & NetEase Is Arriving On iOS & Android In 2019


Developers of EVE Online CCP Games and Chinese game publishing and tech giant Netease have announced that EVE: Echoes, the new mobile sandbox MMORPG they are working on will be launching in 2019.

EVE: Echoes will be available on Andoid and iOS mobile devices. A closed alpha will run later this month on Monday August 26th. This will run for four weeks ending on Friday September 20th. Players in Australia, New Zealand and a few other Nordic territories can now register to test the game via the official EVE: Echoes website. There is a pretty high minimum specs for this game, so be sure to check if your device is compatible.

EVE: Echoes runs on NetEase Games’ engine, NeoX. Players can expect similar mechanics, social systems and other features to EVE Online’s. They will be able to form coalitions, fight for territories and build massive fleets.

Authentic to the EVE universe that you know and love, EVE Echoes will allow you to venture deep into space, to write not only your own history, but that of the galaxy itself. Whether engaging in interstellar combat, trade, or exploration, as well as many other activities across thousands of planetary systems, you will be free to experience hallmark EVE gameplay on mobile.


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