EVE Online: Invasion Expansion Update Officially Launches


EVE Online‘s latest content expansion titled ‘EVE Online: Invasion’ has officially launched. The update brings a new storyline that starts the Triglavian story. The Triglavians have emerged from the Abyss and immediately post a threat to all in their way. The update brings new ships for players to compete with and new rewards to gain.

Capsuleers will have to contend with the Triglavian invasion as invaded systems exhibit strange environmental effects. From May 28th through the following weeks, fleets of Triglavians will roam systems and eventually fight with Capsuleers in Minor and Major Conduits.

The Invasion expansion brings heaps of new features as well that are all outlined in the video below. You can also visit the full Patch Notes for Invasion for a more detailed list of content.

For more details, visit the official EVE Online site.

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