EVE Online’s Next Expansion Is Called Invasion & It’s Coming On May 28th


The EVE Online universe is getting a whole lot of new content soon when the game launches the ‘Invasion’ expansion on May 28th. Capsulers will be faced with a massive invasion as the Triglavian threat closes in.

Players can expect to see new visuals, new content and new system-wide effects.

New Content

  • updates to the war declaration system
  •  simplification to the cost of wars with a simple flat fee for all war declarations
  • overhaul of The Agency to make content and activities in New Eden more discoverable and accessible to both new and established pilots
  •  improvements to Tech II ammunition
  •  three all-new tech II Triglavian hulls
  • the Nergal class Assault Frigate
  • the Draugur class Command Destroyer
  •  the Ikitursa class Heavy Assault Cruiser
  •  a whole range of quality of life fixes and improvements

More information will be released about EVE Online: Invasion in the coming weeks. For more details on the new content listed above, visit the official EVE Online site.

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