Fractured MMO Q&A Talks About Expected Game Price, PvP Loot System & Anti-Grind Progression


In an hour-long Q&A, Indie developer Dynamight Studios’ CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli has shared new information in regards to their vision for Fractured, the upcoming class-less isometric MMORPG with a fully interactable open sandbox environment. Fractured forum user Vengu has created a summary of the session categorized into topics.

Dynamight Studios shared that they have no concerns about the game, but they do have business concerns. They openly admit that they are a young team, not well-known developers with a large following just by name alone. They are showing as much of the game as possible to assure players that they can make Fractured and that their vision for the game is clear, an action MMORPG with a strong sandbox economy.

While Dynamight Studios takes an anti-grind approach when developing Fractured, meaning they do not want their players to kill the same monster 1,000 times to level up, players will still have long-term goals in the form of learning abilities. Obtaining new abilities will require going to specific areas and even different planets that may be dangerous, on top of other various tasks. “It’s not a grind because it’s varied”.

“It’s not like losing the equipment you’ve worked two years for in World of Warcraft.”

–  Jacopo Gallelli
CEO, Dynamight Studios

One answer that stood out to me was their explanation for loot in PvP. Players can steal items from unconscious bodies (when their stamina has been depleted) which will result in being flagged as a thief. Players can also steal equipped gear, but only from dead bodies that they have slain, which will result in being flagged as an assassin. Jacopo assures that losing equipment in Fractured is not a big deal because equipment is very easily replaceable.

The upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Fractured will start on June 1, 2018. Price for the game will be discussed in a community round-table, but Jacopo guess-timates the price to be around $20 to $30 for getting the game in its full release form.

You can watch the full Q&A livesteam here to hear about how they plan to prevent zerging, racially exclusive items and more. Never heard of Fractured MMO before? Watch the recently released first pre-alpha gameplay video below.

Source: Q&A Livestream

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