Fractured MMO Releases First Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video & Aims For Kickstarter On June 1st


The Italian indie development startup Dynamight Studios is nearly ready to start their crowd-funding campaign for Fractured, the upcoming class-less isometric MMORPG with a fully interactable open sandbox environment. Their long-planned Kickstarter campaign will start on June 1, 2018. Just last month, they have also managed to raise over $100,000 from private investors to fund the development of the game.

In preparation, the team has shared Fractured’s first pre-alpha gameplay video as seen below. This is the product of the work of a 7 person team with SpatialOS and Unity.

The footage includes 15 minutes of cuts from half an hour of pre-alpha gameplay, featuring the exploration of a 1 sq. km, procedurally-generated map, showcasing our beloved ARPG combat and the overall art direction of the game.

Dynamight Studios has also shared that the game’s community is growing quite fast with over 10,000 members already registered. The top 10 countries being United States, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Ukraine. If you are interested in being one of the first to play Fractured, you can register on their site for free. Members have a chance to win pre-alpha keys by playing an active role in the game’s community.

Livestream Q&A sessions will be hosted before the Kickstarter campaign. We’ll be sure to report back on any news or development regarding Fractured!

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