G-Star 2019: EVE Online Is Launching In Korea On G-Star 2019’s First Day


CCP Games, the Iceland-based game developer responsible for the popular sci-fi sandbox MMO EVE Online is attending this year’s G-Star Convention 2019. G-Star is an annual trade show showcasing dozens of video games and MMORPGs in Korea. EVE Online is set to launch in Korea when the convention begins on November 14th and will be presented there to support the release.

“This newly-localized release of EVE Online means that Korean-language players will have improved accessibility when it comes to all essential elements of the game, including the New Eden Store, The Agency content finder, in-game A.I. guide “Aura”, the “Birth of the Capsuleer” intro video, the player market, ship fitting, skill training and much more.”

In September 2018, CCP Games was acquired by Korean video game publisher and Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss for $425 million. This upcoming release will make the game “more accessible to pilots from the Republic of Korea with the introduction of Korean localization”.

“We’re very excited to be taking the Korean-localized release of EVE Online to G-STAR 2019” said Hilmar V. Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games. “We are extremely keen to meet many of our passionate Korean Capsuleers for the first time and welcome them to the growing community of New Eden!”

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