Gloria Victis Adds Passive Abilities Skill Tree Update To Allow More Diverse Player Roles


Black Eye Games has been hard at work on polishing the medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis in the past several months with changes to the game’s open-world PvP, new animations, controller compatibility/synchronization and more. First-person view was introduced along with new locations for players to fight over and siege each other for. A new duel arena was also added recently that allows players to practice combat near their nation’s capital city without having to risk all that they’ve worked for.

Now an extension to customizing one’s character has been added in the form of a huge passive abilities, trigger abilities and top tier passives update. Passives are expanded by investing progress points to unlock new skills. Trigger abilities are skills that initiate special moves when a specific requirement is met. For example, if a player successfully blocks with a shield 3 times in a row within 30 seconds, the shield’s resistance loss is reduced by 2% per level and additional 10% at level 10. This abilities update lets us see the first version of viable support trees that allow players to improve first aid skills.


The main goal for the recent updates in Gloria Victis seems to be to expand what players can do with their characters. Another update is already planned to come soon that will improve the game’s crafting systems and add two completely new crafting branches: herbalism and cooking. These branches will give players the abilities and tools they need to play more diverse roles such as a more supportive role in combat if they wish.

No idea what Gloria Victis is? Watch the video below to check out the group-based open-world PvP action that the game has to offer.

Source: Gloria Victis Site

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