GTC 2019 Reveals New Teaser For Nexon & DevCat’s Mounted Combat MMO Dragonhound With Very Shiny RTX Tech CGI Scenes


At GTC 2019 (GPU Technology Conference), NVIDIA and Nexon announced that Dragon Hound, the upcoming mounted combat action MMO will support real-time DirectX Raytracing (DXR) effects with Nvidia’s RTX technology. Nvidia GeForce’s YouTube channel has posted a video that shows the enabled ray tracing effects for the game’s reflections and shadows. DXR being used for either aspect is still a rare sight in today’s games.

While more computational power will surely be needed for this advancement, it’s hard to say what this will mean as far as the performance of the game is concerned. It’s possible that this feature will be granted primarily to cinematic scenes and solo-play area. The game is after all a multiplayer game in which you group up with others to hunt monsters. The preview below comes from an early build of the game.

Dragon Hound is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and is developed by DevCat. The game will have players hunting giant flying beasts while on horses that are decked out with large advanced weaponry such as missiles. There is no release schedule yet, but you can keep an eye on the latest announced plans on our Dragon Hound release dates page.

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