Guardians of Ember’s Open Beta Begins Next Week


Gameforge has sent word that Guardians of Ember, the hack’n’slash MMO that they are relaunching is heading into open beta next week. Players with accounts created before the closed beta will receive free items when they play during the open beta. The game went into closed beta on January 26th.

We want to thank all of Olyndale’s experienced heroes … with the Guardians of Ember Veterans Reward program! If you created a game account prior to the 2019 Closed Beta, you will be able to redeem a bunch of cool VIP-freebies directly at the shop:
– 1x Skill Reset Scroll
– 1x Attribute Reset Scroll
– 1x Misty Magic Wings (permanent)
– 1x Gold Crown Crane (30 days)
– 1x Dragonhawk Baby (30 days)
– 4x Party Plunderer
– 10x Team Teleport Powder

Guardians of Ember’s Premium Shop is now officially open, which is where the free items can be redeemed. For more information, visit the official Guardians of Ember site.

Guardians of Ember is a free-to-play hybrid of hack and slash and MMO action RPG.

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