Ashes of Creation Will Be At PAX East With Playable Alpha Build & Brand New Cosmetics


The indie developer Intrepid Studios will be attending PAX East in Boston and allowing players to experience Ashes of Creation‘s alpha zero build. Similar to the PAX West booth, players will be playing in guided tours across various terrains that are likely different from the areas that were available in PAX West.

For those not able to attend, Intrepid Studios will be streaming live on their Twitch channel from 11am to 4pm EST on a daily basis throughout the entirety of the event (April 5 – 8).

Intrepid Studio’s booth is in prime real estate, sandwiched between booths that always gain large numbers of visitors like Nintendo and Bandai.


Additionally, the developers will have a panel in the Dragonfly theater on Friday, and streaming that panel as well from 10:30am to 11:30am EST. They will get a chance to talk about their development so far and answer questions from fans.


Steven Sharif [CEO / Creative Director], Jeffrey Bard [Lead Designer], Akil Hooper [Lead Technical Designer], Michael Bacon [Lead Environment Artist], Mat Broome [Lead Character Artist]

Prior to this news, Intrepid Studios updated their Website shop with exclusive PAX East cosmetics.

  • PAX Exclusive Boston Terrier Pet – $15
  • PAX Exclusive Gateway Mantle Home Decor – $10
  • PAX Exclusive Tea Transport Ship – $25
  • PAX Exclusive Character Costume – $25



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