Jade Dynasty & Swordsman Online Shut Down All Servers On June 5th, Development Teams Are Moving On


Jade Dynasty and Swordsman Online, two martial-arts themed MMORPGs based on popular Chinese novels will be playable for the last time in the first week of next month. All Jade Dynasty and Swordsman Online servers will shut down and all access to in-game characters will end on June 5th, 2018.

Jade Dynasty stood for over nine years and is considered by many as one of the classic Chinese-setting MMORPGs. On top of the typical MMORPG gameplay features like questing and PvP, the game introduced some unique features when it released like the Espers/invigorating system that allowed players to automatically attack enemies in a bot-like manner. Swordsman Online has been up for three years and will not get to see its fourth year anniversary.

PWE: “This was a very difficult decision to make, but we are grateful for everything that you have put into the game and all the wonderful communities that have come from JD. We no longer feel there is room for JD to grow, but the development teams are moving on to bigger and better things! As amends to our most dedicated fans, we are making sure to offer refunds for the last few months.”

Purchasing Jaden, the cash shop currency for Jade Dynasty and Gold for Swordsman Online is no longer possible. All Jaden and Gold purchased from February 1, 2018 through May 1, 2018 will be transferred to each purchaser’s account as Arc credit. So while they will not be refunded, the credits can still be used in other games published by Perfect World Entertainment (Arc Games) such as Neverwinter, Forsaken World, Perfect World International and Star Trek Online.

Source: SwordsmanJade Dynasty

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Swordsman fan
Swordsman fan
5 years ago

Why!!! i love swordsman 🙁

4 years ago

Noo! I loved Swordsman Online!! 😭 I hope they bring the game back because literally it’s one of my most fave games to play. Could sit there for hours playing it.