Jagex Outlines Changes Coming To RuneScape In Q1 2019 – New Elite Dungeon, Mining / Smithing / Firemaking Overhaul & More


The year has just begun and Jagex has already laid out loads of the new content that RuneScape players can expect over the next few months. Community Manager Mod Shauny has showcased the game updates that are planned for release over the course of the next four months or so.

RuneScape’s 18th birthday on January 4th will bring back the celebratory in-game item ‘Anniversary cake’. The main event will be on January 7th when Mining and Smithing skills get a full rework. Mining rocks will no longer make them deplete, so players will not have to hop worlds to find them. The tiers of ore and metal also will require the same level to mine and smith as they do to wear the gear made with them. Player-owned farms will get improvements with newly purchasable animal stables and farmhands to hire.

February has got an EXP weekend event from 22nd to 25th. The third and final installment of Elite Dungeons, ‘The Shadow Reef’ will also be added then. A new dungeon boss named ‘The Ambassador’ will be waiting inside the dungeon for elite challengers. Meanwhile, RuneScape mobile will continue its beta testing phases in 2019. For more information on what’s coming in the first four months of the year in RuneScape, visit the official RuneScape website or watch the full video below.

– The Mining and Smithing Rework

– Elite Dungeon 3, featuring the Ambassador

– Comp Cape Rework

– Player-owned Farm improvements

– Changes to Firemaking

– PvM Quality of Life week

– Double XP Weekend date

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