Kritika Online Releases New Class Awakenings, New Danger Zones & Rebalancing


En Masse Entertainment has updated Kritika Online with a new set of class awakenings for players to upgrade to, new Danger Zones, Pet Gems and a skill rebalancing for PvP and PvE.

The latest classes to receive their class awakenings are Catspaw, Assassin, Wolf Guardian, Psion and Vamp. Class awakenings update appearances, unlock new skills to use in combat and provide the Noble title. The new skills will come in handy as players tackle two new Danger Zones with Extreme Difficulty levels called Coldsnap Village and Corsair’s Cave.

Players can now further improve their characters’ powers by gearing their pets with gems. Several classes received rebalancing tweaks including Doomblade, Fire Lord, Berserker, Valkyrie and all of the newly awaken-able classes. For a full list of changes that came with the recent content update, visit the Kritika Online patch notes.

Source: Kritika Online Site

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