Kritika Online Releases The Archer Class & Three New Challenger Zones


The new Archer character has arrive in the action-packed MMORPG Kritika Online! The Archer, as the name suggests is a bow wielding female character with a powerful bird companion. Publisher En Masse Entertainment has added a free character slot as well so that even the the most hardcore players can try the new class. On top of this, three new Challengers zones have been added and new difficulties for several old zones like The Eeri’s Library, Dusk Pirate Den, Eternal Library, and Secret Warehouse have appeared.

• New Class: Take out foes from afar with your bow and hawk partner!
• New Challenger Zones: Three new Challenger Zones open their doors in the next update.
• Progression Renewal: The leveling experience for end-game has been overhauled, rearranging quests and adding new rewards. We hope that players enjoy the changes as you level your Archers to the new end-game!

For a full list of all the new content, visit the official Kritika Online forums.

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