Kritika Online Windhome Update Will Release On April 18


En Masse Entertainment has announced that Kritika Online‘s Windhome update is set for release on the live servers on April 18. This is a major update that will include an increase in level cap form 65 to 70, the entirely new Windhome region and new gear featuring the new Prime Attribute system for unlocking special abilities and new evolutions for players to experiment with. The Abelard story will be concluded and the next part of Kritika’s story will come.

Currently, the update is is live on Kritika’s PTS for players to check out and give feedback on. Here are what can be found on PTS:

    • Abelard’s Last Stand: To ease the transition into the new Windhome storyline, we’ve added an Easy stage to both Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck and Titan’s Rage to help you finish off that content. Don’t worry—it’s still one heck of a fight, but the lower CR requirement should speed you on your way to the new content.
    • New Region: Windhome: Windhome is a remote encampment beset by invaders and allies alike. The Windhome storyline delves deep into Kirenos’ past, and uncovers more than a few secrets that should have stayed hidden.
    • New Gear: Windhome also introduces two new gear sets—Dusk and Dawn—designed with the new Prime Attribute system in mind.
    • Upgraded Gear: Good news, your existing gear is also due for an upgrade! We’ve added new Evo levels to a host of gear sets, and upped the enhancement limit to +19!

En Masse recently streamed gameplay of the new zone and dungeons on their Twitch channel. They also previewed the upcoming new weapons for each class.

Source: Kritika PTS News

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