Kritika Online’s NA & EU Versions Are Shutting Down On April 30th – Players Welcomed To Play On KR Server


After nearly two years of service, En Masse Entertainment will be ending service for Kritika Online‘s North American and European versions on April 30, 2019. As of March 6, players can no longer create new accounts for the game. Spending EMP (En Masse Points) on Kritika has been disabled.

All cash shop items have been reduced to 0 Kred, so players can purchase and test all cash shop items to their hear’s content until the servers go down. All existing Kreds on player accounts will be converted to EMP so that they could be spent on other En Masse games.

If you just want more Kritika Online, we’re working with the developer, Allm, to get you started in the Korean Kritika service. All accounts who have logged in between January 1, 2019 and the end of maintenance on Wednesday, March 6, will receive a code via email by Friday, March 22 (as long as you’ve signed up for marketing mails) that will grant the following on the Korean Kritika service:

  • School Uniform costume full set
  • Newbie Chibi Accent
  • Stage Clear EXP Bonus 90% Potion ×5
  • HP Potion ×100
  • Resurrection stone ×10
  • Pet

If you’d like to claim these rewards, make sure you sign up for the Korean Kritika Online service and redeem before May 31!

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