KurtzPel Adds New Support Karma Weapon With Lime


KoG Games has added a game changing update to KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos that introduces a new character and karma weapon to the game. This latest update comes after the third round of player testing in Etheca Proving Grounds, an application-driver test server where players are able to test out different combos and playstyles and provide valuable feedback.

Lime’s Sacred Guardian is KurtzPel’s first powerful heal and support Karma Weapon. Players will need to interact and gain favor with specific NPCs to unlock it and wield it in battle. This Karma Weapon offer a playstyle similar to Paladin supportive/DPS roles. You can purchase the weapon through the Steam Shop or by collecting enough CP and AP to purchase it in the game. For more details on the update’s contents, please visit the official KurtzPel patch notes.

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