KurtzPel: Bringer Of Chaos Reveals Challenging “Grandmage Ruin” PvE Boss Fight Gameplay


KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is back with another gameplay teaser and this time it showcases the bow-wielding Wind Dancer class in combat with a nameless Magician boss. As is with other PvE footages shown of KurtzPel, only two players are seen battling the enemy. The AoE Arrow Rain and fast shooting attacks of this archer class is reminiscent of the archer class in Dragon Nest.

What do you think of KurtzPel’s 2-player co-op PvE combat?

The boss’ name being set to “Missing String Table Entry” reminds us that KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is still in development stage. No public alpha, beta or release date has been announced by KoG Games yet.

Source: KurtzPel Site

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