KurtzPel Is Launching As A Free-to-Play Game On Steam On April 30th For NA/SA – EU & Asia At Later Dates


KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos, the PvP-heavy multiplayer action game developed by KoG Games (Grand Chase & Elsword developer), is launching into Steam Early Access before the end of the month. On April 30th at 9:00 PDT, the game will be released as a free-to-play title. That release will make the game available for North and South American countries. Availability will be granted to European regions in June. Asian countries will gain access early in July.

“Physical server locations for a PvP game are extremely important. Based on the CBT data we’ve collected, for North America, we will have server locations on both the West & East coasts.
Brazil will host the server for South America, and act as the central hub.

The location and size of each of these servers will be tweaked as Early Access progresses.
Our prime goal will be to make the KurtzPel play experience be as smooth as possible, for all our players.
In order to provide the best experience, we will not be allowing cross region play and also transferring of data from one region to another. “

Founders Packs are currently being worked on, and they will mainly contain exclusive costumes, and Addition ‘Karmas’ (weapon types). Founders Packs will be available on the KurtzPel Steam page soon.

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