KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos Releases PvE Mission Gameplay & New Blazing Fist Combat Teasers


KurtzPel: Bringer of Chaos is a PvP heavy action combat multiplayer online brawler game that is deemed by its developers as a spiritual successor of the anime MMORPGs Grand Chase and Elsword. It is currently in development by KOG Games and has only had a playable demo version in last year’s G-star gaming convention. There’s five gameplay showcase videos so far, three of which we’ve already analyzed in a previous article (the PvP, the combat basics and character creation videos). Now the developers have given another pair of teaser videos that give us a glimpse of what KurtzPel’s PvE combat will be like and the newly revealed Blazing Fist combat style.

While KurtzPel will primarily offer PvP features, there will be PvE missions to be done in instanced dungeon-like areas. So far, we only know of a two player co-op mission mode. The video below reflects that as we only ever see two players at a time fighting against various bosses. The archer and the two-handed sword wielder combat styles are featured.

A week prior, the developers also released the latest addition to the combat styles of KurtzPel; the Blazing Fist. They use explosive punches and kicks to throw their opponents around and up in the air to commit devastating combos.

KoG Games emphasized that KurtzPel is still only in development and that the gameplay that we can see above may be changed later on.

Cool stuff, but when is it coming to the West?

Well, firstly, there has not been a Western release announced for KurtzPel as of now. Even if that is KoG’s plan, which is very likely, we are a long way away from that possibility. The game will likely run alphas and betas in its native region first, a long time before we even get a whiff of an announcement or a time-frame for a Western release. For now, all we can do is keep an eye out for more updates and watch its development.

Source: KurtzPel Facebook

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