Last Oasis’ E3 2019 Trailer Teases Mounted, Long-range & Close Combat


During this year’s E3 Premier (Electronic Entertainment Expo), indie-developer Donkey Crew released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming survival sandbox “nomadic” MMO Last Oasis. The video shows how players travel around the world and fight in close-range, long-range and mounted combat. Last Oasis’ release date on Steam is planned for September 3, 2019.

Last Oasis is set in a dying world where Nomads build walking mobile bases to swiftly traverse the parched lands and avoid the scorching sun. The last survivors of mankind must scavenge, pirate, pillage, fight, and trade to survive.

The game offers a vast open-world where players must gather resources, craft weapons and build their steampunk-like mobile homes called Walkers. Player combat is said to be dynamic and skill-based directional melee. Players will choose their weapons from a range of one-handed or two-handed swords, axes, quarterslaves and maces. Long-range combat includes the use of on-board weapons like guns, catapults and ballistas. Check out the game on Steam for more details.

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