Legends of Aria Aims For Open Beta In June & Early Access In July


Indie developer Citadel Studios has updated their roadmap and announced that the plan so far for their upcoming sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria is to move onto open beta in June. Early Access will begin in July and will include the Final Wipe of Legends of Aria. At which point those who backed the game as Kickstarters and Founders will begin their one week headstart and the land rush will begin. The Early Access will not be available on the Steam platform.

A specified month or date for the final Steam launch or big market push is not on the roadmap yet, but their target for that phase is this coming Autumn. That is still an impressive timeline if they release fully in Autumn considering that Legends of Aria‘s Closed Beta was only a few months ago in January.


“Open Beta will see us finish off our launch systems, and focus on polish and bug fixes as we prepare for Early Access Launch.

Our world is growing in depth and detail as each region of Aria grows in character and sense of identity. As you travel through the world of Celador, it will feel much more alive and every area will have a unique feel to it. The New Player experience is a long anticipated feature to truly welcome and prepare new citizens of Aria to their new world. Cities are becoming much more interactive, rich with everyday items and the local inhabitants will now play a central role in showing new players the ropes. This includes a pass on all our points of interest and a pass on our world dungeons to truly flesh out the world.”

Check out Legends of Aria’s roadmap here and watch the video below to see in-game footage from the game’s final alpha back in October of 2017.

Source: Legends of Aria site

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