Legends of Aria Goes Into Closed Beta 2 On July 12th With Massive Graphical Improvements


Citadel Studios has announced that the second closed beta of Legends of Aria will begin on July 12th. The game’s roadmap is due for an update since the last iteration aimed for an open beta phase in June and an early access phase in July.

Closed beta 2 will include hundreds of bug fixes, new features and a massive graphical update for the game’s world. The improved art-style and polished graphics were primarily the work of their artists Austin and Tiffany with some occasional help from everyone else on the team. Watch the reveal of the new graphics in the video below.

On top of the graphical improvements, the next testing phase will include revamped town shops, new tamable animals, secure trading, a dungeon revamp and a combat revamp. You can read the full list of changes that will come with Closed beta 2 on the official Legends of Aria site.

Source: Legends of Aria Site

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5 years ago

This game sound like a copy of DP (Dragon Prophet). All the zones, the ability to mount…
Hope it comes better.

5 years ago

Its actually a mix from Ultima Online and Shards. UO was one of the first MMORPGs out there. But I actually enjoy the game, a lot of freedom as a sandbox game should have. Also the Skill point system has always been better, so one can change skills or even mix them up. The graphic has become a lot better, and less bugs. I cant wait for the release.