Legends of Aria Is Adding Free-to-Play Next Month With New Dawn Update


The sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria developed by Citadel Studios announced that the game’s upcoming ‘New Dawn‘ update will be released next month on December 5th. The update will add brand new content, features, and the much awaited free-to-play option to the game. Free players will have access to almost all of the game’s content, “but will need to purchase a Citizen’s Pass to build a home, launch a player-run shop, unlock your bank’s full capacity, play on Community Servers, and more”.

The New Dawn Update brings the return of ‘The Wilderness’, a risk-vs-reward environment where murderous players can rob for skill points and earn skill scrolls. The update also adds new abilities for the Warrior class, the ability to become a citizen of one of the many towns in the game, three new world bosses, and update to professions, more monsters, and more. For a full list of content coming on December 5th, visit the official Legends of Aria site.

All of the changes (with the exception of Free Accounts feature) can now be tested on the game’s Experimental Server.

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