Legends of Aria Is Giving Away 1-Week Trial Keys During Bring-A-Friend Week


“All you have to do to get a one week trial key is…email me at sweathers at citadelstudios.net.”

Citadel Studios wants its players to bring a friend to Legends of Aria. This week marks as the beginning of Bring-A-Friend Week which allows those with a working email account to receive a one week trial key to give out to their friends by asking for one from Citadel Studios via email.

It seems that new players are also encouraged to ask for keys to try the buy-to-play game with Citadel Studios stating that “if you just want to try it yourself, not because you have a friend playing, well, welcome to you! We hope all of you love Legends of Aria.”

  • When the trial key expires, players can convert their account to a Founder’s Pack and continue to play, as well as get access to the Head Start week. (After we wipe, everyone who invested in the game’s development gets a week to play and get a start on saving up for that house deed.) During the Head Start week, sales will be closed.
  • The trial key does not expire, but I strongly recommend using it in June. If your friend waits to use it until the day before the wipe, and doesn’t convert to a Founder’s Pack before that wipe, they won’t be able to finish the trial.
  • I will fulfill all requests as soon as possible, but I’m an army of one here, and it may take a day or two ?
  • If your friend decides to convert to a paying account, please have them use the referral code on your dashboard.

Source: Legends of Aria Site

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