Legends of Aria Removes World Map Access Through “M”, Tweaks Combat & Housing


The alpha client of Legends of Aria has received an update that changes player combat and forces players to work a little harder to get around. The combat tweaks involve an increase in healing amounts, an increase in damage output of STR, the removal of mana potions and the reduction of base weapon damages.

If you’ve played an MMORPG, an easily accessible world map via the “M” key may be a feature you take for granted. The latest patch to Legends of Aria takes away that function. Instead, players will have the ability to purchase physical maps of the 5 world areas of Celador in towns and outposts. They will also be able to rename and place waypoints on the physical maps.

“GPS” doesn’t make sense in our world, and having a map you open with a hotkey creates the wrong expectation. We have plans for more navigation tools that do make sense in a sandbox world.

You can read the full list of changes on the Legends of Aria patch notes.

Source: Legends of Aria Forums

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