Life Is Feudal: MMO First Major Update Brings PvP Arena, Slavery, Guild Ranking & More


The first major update for Life Is Feudal: MMO is coming soon and indie developer Bitbox has revealed the upcoming new content that will come with it. The highlights of the update are the unification of game worlds, PvP arenas, clergy, new outposts, slavery and guild rankings.

The game worlds will be united so that players can travel between them, but only once a week for regular players and once every two days for premium subscribers. Global chat will allow players to communicate and trade with everyone regardless of which area they reside in.

Manually gathering resources will no longer be as tiring with the new slave mechanics. Players can place up to four slaves per outpost to speed up productivity and earnings.

There are a couple of ways one can get slaves in Life is Feudal. You can acquire them by controlling the slave outpost in a Red World, buying from other players, or enslaving knocked out players! This feature works only in Red worlds. Now you can make the best of your conquered foes!

Players will be able to fight in free-for-all PvP arenas and have their names listed as top combatants on the PvP rankings. The arena consists of ranked PvP skirmishes that last for 15 minutes per round and are available for up to 20 foot warriors.

Check out the full list of changes including minor updates on the official Life Is Feudal site.

Source: Life Is Feudal Site

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