Lineage 2: Classic Will See Its First Major Classic Server Update On February 27th


Lineage 2: Classic is set to launch its first major classic server update titled ‘Saviors’ on February 27th. The update will introduce new raid bosses that can be faced by up to 300 players at once, completely new hunting grounds to explore and plunder, the Third Class Transfer quests for level 76 players, and the new Rune system for weapon modification.

Free Saviors Hero Packs will be given to those who register their NCSoft accounts. For more information, visit the official Linage 2: Classic site.

New Raid Bosses

From atop the Tower of Insolence to the bow of a ghostly pirate ship, prepare to face the deadliest new raid bosses yet in Lineage II Classic. Gather your clan mates and other allies as up to 300 players join forces to face either Emperor Baium – a being so powerful he dared to challenge the gods themselves, or Captain Zaken – the legendary undead pirate who seeks vengeance upon the mutinous crew that ended his life.

New Hunting Grounds

Four new hunting grounds are opening for you to discover new foes and new treasures in these new avenues of adventure. For warriors level 72-75, the Silent Valley is a prime spot for small parties and solo fighters to sharpen their battle skills. If you seek adventure on the cursed Devil’s Isle, be sure that you are level 70-75, as this underwater island is also home to the dreaded Captain Zaken. If you’re able to ascertain the location of one of its four entrances, you may find your way into the Giant’s Cave, an ancient hunting zone for warriors who are level 76-78. Finally, find out if the rumors of vast treasures ring true on the Forgotten Island, a mysterious hunting zone for warriors who are level 79-82.

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