Lineage 2 Revolution Adds 200 Player Castle Siege PvP Mode, Raised Level Cap & New Territory


Netmarble has released the latest major update for Lineage 2: Revolution, their open-world mobile MMORPG and it comes with a new massive PvP mode and other new content to the game. The new 200-player Castle Siege PvP Mode will allow three clans to work together in attempts to conquer an opposing clan’s castle. The biggest motivation to win will be the Castle Conquer Shop, the Conquer Buff, and the Trading Post Tax Reward. The castle siege pre-season has already begun along with Castle Siege Festivities that grant players increased EXP rates for all characters.

The update will also include the new Oren Territory, a raised level cap from level 180 to 260 and new difficulty levels for multiple dungeons. Brand new servers are also open to the America and Europe regions while other servers are being merged. Read more about the May’s New Update from the Developer’s Note blog post.

Source: Netmarble Forums

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