Lord of the Rings Online Drastically Change Six Classes & Tactical Relics, Players Are Generally Pleased


Lord of the Rings Online released a massive update (Update 22.2) on Wednesday, May 9th that comes with major changes to six classes in the game and extensive changes to the tactical relics system. The classes that recieved significant changes were the guardian, hunter, ministrel, warden, champion and lore-master. Tactical Relics which are items used for inserting additional bonuses to their users have been re-balanced to correct a mistake in their design.

Overall, the LOTRO community’s reception of the update is positive. It is apparent that many believe the update to be long overdue, but Standing Stone Games has a long way to go with re-balancing the rest of the game’s class roster. You can read the full list of changes that came with the Bullroarer Update 22.2 on the LotRO forums.

Justjoerob on the LOTRO sub-reddit comments:

Barrage has a three shot limit, enforced by a 20 second cooldown.

You mean I’ll have to use the…other skills? Good changes overall, this should be fun.”

Source: LOTRO Bullroarer forums

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